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Inherent in our core values is the passion to see children of the less privileged grow into productive youths with the capacity to make informed choices and serve as agent of change in the society.

The communication campaign on DRUG ABUSE which was held for the children in Orile Community and the 3 Schools in Makoko community Yaba namely ADEKUNLE ANGLICAN NUR/PRY SCHOOL, AIYETORO AFRICAN CHURCH NUR/PRY SCHOOL and MAKOKO PRIMARY SCHOOL was impact full as the children were able to learn, un-learn and re-learn. Recall our facilitator speaking to one of the children during one of the teaching on DRUG ABUSE and the child mentioned TRAMADOL , when asked what it is used for, the innocent child said ‘’You take it when you want to do hard work so you can have power’’ Obviously somebody somewhere has exposed the child to the drug but never mentioned the aftermath of the effect when abused.

The event which was held in partnership with PROVIDUS BANK and supported by S.A PHOTOGRAPHY, LENS INDEPENDENCE, AGENT OF CHANGE and Thare Machi Education was a success as we were able to impact on 557 children with the interactive DVD materials from THARE MACHI EDUCATION which made teaching interactive and assimilation seamless. Also we were able to raise enough awareness and sensitize the children on the dangers of drug abuse, immorality and violence in the society and the children were able to learn, un-learn and re-learn.

Opinion differs on how best to tackle the increasing rate of drug abuse but a lasting solution will require all hands on deck. Education is not just an affair of TELLING and being told but also an active and constructive process.