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Facing higher unemployment, fewer opportunities, and an uncertain future, young people must be more resilient than ever. this is how we can equip our children for the future.
As a post Covid-19 intervention, sparkle foundation will be grooming young entrepreneurs to be self-sufficient, by teaching them skills that will help them access personal power, knowledge, motivation for self-employment and financial independence for proper functioning in their society while positively contributing to the economy.
“Skill not Street” 2.0 which is slated to take place from 5th to 24th October 2020, for 30 underprivileged youths in Ottumara Ilaje community will also provide a mentorship program to help them start up their own businesses.
We intend to groom young entrepreneurs by teaching them skills that will make them self-sufficient and independent citizens.
This project aims at tackling poverty, unemployment, and crime rate in disadvantaged communities, to make the community as well as the nation a better place.
“The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth”
With your support, we can take youths off the street by empowering them with a vocational skill.
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