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The importance of early childhood education cannot be overemphasized. Early childhood education stimulates social, cognitive, physical and language growth that children need. It prepares children for elementary school, with a firm foundation they stand a better chance at fulfilling their full potential in the long-run.

Early childhood education needs to be treated as important to enable children gain quality education irrespective of their background.

On the 9th of September, we advanced our goal further with the opening of the Remodelled Nursery of Banjo Primary School, Ottumara, ilaje also known as Sparkle Centre. After our campaign and advocacy calling for increase priority for Early Childhood Education in Nigeria, We created a more learning friendly environment, provided learning materials and Teaching aids to support learning and enable the educators educate learners effectively, which will improve the quality of their education and prepare them for the next academic level.

The Center will not only give children in disadvantaged communities access to quality education, but also
*    Make Learning Fun and Interactive with relevant learning materials.
*    Promote Cognitive and Reading Skill through Montessori education.
*    Integrate, Shape and prepare the children for the educational system and  also increase their chances of better performance.
*    Reduce the number of less privileged out of school children.
*    Support the children with their educational needs in other to improve attendance, academic performance and encourage learning.

With the standard that has been set through the Sparkle ECCD center, Children between ages 3 to 5 in Ottumara Community will have a right to Quality Education and healthy development as this initiative intends to Integrate, shape and prepare the children for the educational system, as well as lifelong approaches to learning.

We believe that more children would stand a better chance at fulfilling their full potential irrespective of their background.

We sincerely appreciate JCpackaging for their support in making this project a reality.

Our profound gratitude to the ED Nigerian Network of NGOs(NNGO) Mr Oluseyi Oyebisi, C.O.O Clay hall properties Mr Tosin Ayoola, Education Secretary Lagos Mainland Local Government Hon. Tajudeen Tijani, GreenSrings School and every Donors and volunteers who have Supported us through this journey, we are indeed very grateful.