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About Us

We’re a charitable organization that improves lives

Our Mission is to empower children by providing for their general well-being with a hope for a brighter future. 

Our Vision is to live in a country where every vulnerable child and has access to achieving their full potential.

our story

Who we are

Sparkle Foundation is a non-governmental organization established to reach out to orphans and less privileged children. Our passion is to help every child live healthy, access education and work towards achieving their full potential by providing a more holistic care and support for each individual.


Core Values


This is the driving force behind everything we do. It is because of this we are committed to empowering  less privileged children in the local communities.


We believe in transparency and accountability to our everyone involved in our causes in one way or the other. We appreciate your contribution and do not take it for granted.


We believe that lasting change requires the effort of all in the spirit of togetherness. This is why we do our best to integrate and encourage participation from local partners and authorities to begin the change from within.


We are principled and committed to upholding the cause of helping the less privileged. By building a solid  character of trustworthiness we teach our children how to be great leaders in their communities.